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VectorFocus.FocusBehaviour Class Reference

Monobehaviour attached to preview item in gameObject mode. More...

Inheritance diagram for VectorFocus.FocusBehaviour:

Public Member Functions

void Init (AbstractSkinVector skinVector, SerializedProperty serializedProperty, PropertyDrawer propertyDrawer, bool isSelect)
void OnPropertyUpdate ()
 Call when property value has changed.


UnityAction< FocusBehaviourOnDestroyAction [get, set]
 Call last in OnDestroy.
UnityAction OnEndEdit [get, set]
 Call when selection has changed.

Private Member Functions

void Start ()
void SelectionChanged ()
 Deprecated not used anymore.
void Update ()
void HandleDesign ()
 3 options of display : Sprite, PropertyPathSprite or Prefab
void HandleTransform ()
void HandleCallback ()
void OnDestroy ()

Private Attributes

SerializedProperty _serializedProperty = null
 SerializedProperty associate.
AbstractSkinVector _skinVector
 Skin associate.
bool _isSelect
 Is property display are select ?
string _propertyPath = null
 Cache propertyPath of the serializedProperty.
bool _isReady = false

Detailed Description

Monobehaviour attached to preview item in gameObject mode.

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