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VectorFocus.ConfigSkin.SkinVector Class Reference

The defaut skin class use in package Configuration. More...

Inheritance diagram for VectorFocus.ConfigSkin.SkinVector:

Public Types

enum  ShapeHandles {
  Rect , Circle , Cube3d , Cylinder3d ,
  Cone3d , Sphere3d

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetDefaultValueInProperty (SerializedProperty skinProperty)
 Set the default value skin in SerializedProperty.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from VectorFocus.ConfigSkin.AbstractSkinVector
static AbstractSkinVector Merge (AbstractSkinVector source, AbstractSkinVector other)
 Merge skins other in source.

Public Attributes

Color textColor
 Text color.
Color textColorOthers
 Text color of an unselected element.
int fontSize
 Font size.
int fontSizeOthers
 Font size of an unselected item.
Vector3 scale
 Scale of the shape.
Vector3 scaleOthers
 Scale of the shape of an unselected element.
ShapeHandles shape
 Shape used to represent the vector.
ShapeHandles shapeOthers
 Shape used to represent the vector of a non selected element.
Color shapeColor
 Color of the shape.
Color shapeColorOthers
 Color of the shape of an unselected item.
Sprite gameObjectSprite
 Sprite of the gameObject.
int gameObjectSpriteOrderInLayer
 Order in layer of the sprite.
string gameObjectPropertyPathSprite
 Property Path to load the sprite.
Color gameObjectSpriteColor
 Color of the sprite.
Color gameObjectSpriteColorOthers
 Color of the sprite of a not selected element.
GameObject gameObjectPrefab
 Prefab replacing the sprite.
Vector3 gameObjectScale
 Scale of the gameObject.
Vector3 gameObjectScaleOthers
 Scale of the gameObject of an unselected element.
Quaternion gameObjectRotation
 Rotation of the gameObject.


static SkinVector Default [get]
 Default skin use, if a field has no configuration.
override? Color TextColor [get]
override? Color TextColorOthers [get]
override? int FontSize [get]
override? int FontSizeOthers [get]
override? Vector3 Scale [get]
override? Vector3 ScaleOthers [get]
override? Color ShapeColor [get]
override? Color ShapeColorOthers [get]
override Sprite GameObjectSprite [get]
override? int GameObjectSpriteOrderInLayer [get]
override string GameObjectPropertyPathSprite [get]
override? Vector3 GameObjectScale [get]
override? Vector3 GameObjectScaleOthers [get]
override? Quaternion GameObjectRotation [get]
override? Color GameObjectSpriteColor [get]
override? Color GameObjectSpriteColorOthers [get]
override GameObject GameObjectPrefab [get]
override? ShapeHandles Shape [get]
override? ShapeHandles ShapeOthers [get]
- Properties inherited from VectorFocus.ConfigSkin.AbstractSkinVector
SerializedObject SerializedObject [get, set]
virtual ? Color TextColor [get, set]
virtual ? Color TextColorOthers [get, set]
virtual ? int FontSize [get, set]
virtual ? int FontSizeOthers [get, set]
virtual ? Vector3 Scale [get, set]
virtual ? Vector3 ScaleOthers [get, set]
virtual ? ShapeHandles Shape [get, set]
virtual ? ShapeHandles ShapeOthers [get, set]
virtual ? Color ShapeColor [get, set]
virtual ? Color ShapeColorOthers [get, set]
virtual Sprite GameObjectSprite [get, set]
virtual ? int GameObjectSpriteOrderInLayer [get, set]
virtual string GameObjectPropertyPathSprite [get, set]
virtual GameObject GameObjectPrefab [get, set]
virtual ? Color GameObjectSpriteColor [get, set]
virtual ? Color GameObjectSpriteColorOthers [get, set]
virtual ? Vector3 GameObjectScale [get, set]
virtual ? Vector3 GameObjectScaleOthers [get, set]
virtual ? Quaternion GameObjectRotation [get, set]
virtual IFocusBehaviourCallback CallbackFocusBehaviour [get, set]

Static Private Member Functions

static Sprite GetDefaultGameObjectSprite ()
 Return Sprite Unity Knob.

Static Private Attributes

static Sprite _cacheSpriteGameObject = null
 Cache Sprite unity Knob.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from VectorFocus.ConfigSkin.AbstractSkinVector
GetTargetObject< T > ()
 Retrieves and cast the object that uses this skin.

Detailed Description

The defaut skin class use in package Configuration.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ShapeHandles


Use method Handles.DrawWireCube.


Use method Handles.DrawWireDisc.


Use method Handles.CubeHandleCap.


Use method Handles.CylinderHandleCap.


Use method Handles.ConeHandleCap.


Use method Handles.SphereHandleCap.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetDefaultGameObjectSprite()

static Sprite VectorFocus.ConfigSkin.SkinVector.GetDefaultGameObjectSprite ( )

Return Sprite Unity Knob.


◆ SetDefaultValueInProperty()

static void VectorFocus.ConfigSkin.SkinVector.SetDefaultValueInProperty ( SerializedProperty  skinProperty)

Set the default value skin in SerializedProperty.


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